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Use Lens 2 to Clean Your Contact Lens without Using you Finger
Painful Eyes? Clean your Contact Lens with Lens 2

Experiencing painful eyes in the evenings? Always been feeling uncomfortable not long after you putting on your well-worn contact lenses? Wait, something is not right. Microscopic invaders, unseen to the naked eye, have made your prized contact lens their home. What to do about it? Lens2 – a compact-sized battery-operated contact lens cleaner that comes with an antibacterial casing – takes your worries away by washing off unwanted particles trapped on the surface of the lens in just three minutes with a simple press of a button. Using state-of-the-art microprocessor and a motor to generate a waveform that cleans every curve and edge of your lens thoroughly and effectively. Lens2 is suitable for all types of contact lenses. All parts of Lens2 are made from antibacterial materials to protect against microbes. Manufactured by Compact Hygiene Sdn Bhd, it works just fine with any multi-purpose solution. For those who yearn for a sparkling “fresh” feeling when you put your contact lens on every morning – this is for you. Be it disposable or conventional lenses, it’s like putting on a new pair of contact lens daily with Lens2. There is also a special Lens2 holder to help you wear your contact lens – no more scratched lenses (from your sharp, long fingernails) or nail lacquer contamination. One may not realise that using fingers to wear contact lenses increases the risk of transmitting bacteria directly to the eyes. Compact in size (about 100gm) and battery-operated, you can take Lens2 along everywhere you go. If you plan to wear your contact lenses for long hours, just clean them with Lens2 and relax your eyes for 15 minutes before putting them back again. Lens2 registered users will receive free SMS reminder to change their Lens2 case every three months. Surveys have shown that 70% contact lens users suffer from at least one form of irritation due to unclean of microbe-contaminated lenses like dry eyes, itchiness, redness or tiredness. Addressing the problem faced by contact lens users, Dr. Haliza and Dr. Rohi from the National University of Malaysia initiated a test to compare conventional contact lens cleaning against Lens2, the “automatic cleaner” for a study on the control of bacteria growth. Their scientific paper was presented at the Hall of Eye-care specialists during the Asia Cornea and Contact Lens Conference in the Hong Kong Poly-University – rendering Lens2 the ultimate winner.

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